My new glasses

At Optic Actuell Klostermann we understand that it can be tough to find your perfect look with hundreds of different styles and colours to choose from as your glasses should support your personality and meet your fashion style.

Photo: Mexx eyewear (OWP, Optische Werke Passau, Germany)Choosing the right pair of glasses isn't only about comfort and usability - it's also important that your glasses look good. Your glasses reflect your personality, that is why we support your choice by guidance and service in order to find the perfect look.

Purchasing your glasses couldn't be easier at Optic Actuell. There’s always an offer you can take advantage of, as well as plenty of optional extras to choose from such as our Family card. Another benefit is our excellent value protection scheme for your new glasses, covering you against accidental damage and theft for one year from as little as 10.00 EUR.

After determining your prescription, we’ll help you find glasses that suit your style, budget and which give you the clearest vision – and we'll show you all of the options along the way. Our unique approach to lens pricing means that you are presented with a suite of options with the benefits of the various lenses demonstrated to you, so that you can make an informed decision. There is never a 'one price fits all' approach, and you control in advance the final price you'll pay for your glasses.


Discover the new Eyemax collection

Do you know the new eyemaxx-collection at Optic Actuell Klostermann? With a single pair of glasses and hundreds of possible temple combinations you can re-invent your personal style every day.  Create your new look with eyemaxx. It'll make your day.