No matter how great you look in those new, perfectly–you, designer eyeglasses, if you’re rocking a bifocal line, or switching back and forth between two pairs of glasses, it can make you look and feel old. Have you considered progressive lenses? Today’s lineless bifocals and progressives give you a single, stylish solution so you can see clearly at three ranges: close, mid, and far away.

What are progressive lenses?

What are progressive lenses? That’s a question we get a lot at LensCrafters. Progressive lenses are true “multifocal” lenses that provide a seamless progression of lens strength, so you can see at any distance. Optimum-vision runs the length of the lens to allow for each distance: Look up to see far away clearly, look ahead for intermediate vision, and look down to read or complete other close-up activities.

Tips for adjusting to progressive lenses

Adjusting to progressive lenses can be a bit challenging at first, but don’t worry—it won’t be long before you’re seeing clearly all the time, at every distance!

• Don’t switch back and forth to your old glasses—this slows down the process of retraining your brain to focus through new lenses.

• Wear your glasses high and close to maximize the range of visibility through each lens.

• Move your head, not your eyes. Point your nose directly at what you’d like to see and bring it into focus by moving your chin up or down.

• Practice! Grab a magazine to read while watching TV. Go back and forth between the two to speed up getting adapted.

Another important aspect of a progressive lens is fit. At Optic Actuell Klostermann, associates use our VisuReal Digital Measurement System to take accurate measurement of your eyes, ensuring the proper placement of the lens in the frame.

See well, fit well

There are many types of progressive lenses that can help improve your vision depending on your particular need. At Optic Actuell Klostermann, we recommend our latest progressive lens design, MyStyle V+ made by Hoya Lens, one of the world's greatest progressive lens manufacturer. Its improved clarity optimizes your prescription from the optical center to the edges of the lens, making it the perfect lens for multifocal wearers and those with, strong prescriptions. MyStyle V+ Progressive lenses also takes little to no time to adapt to, making them easy to wear right away.

With progressive lenses, you can see your world in a crisp, clear, and seamless way, wearing a pair of eyeglasses that flatters, not ages, you. If you want to learn more about progressive lenses, including helpful tips on wearing them for the first time, ask an associate at our store in Ahlen or Sendenhorst, Germany.

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