Image: Rainer Sturm, pixelio.deFor some people being without their glasses can amount to losing their sight, so we appreciate how important it is to get a replacement pair quickly. The Optic Actuell Brillenversicherung (Glasses Insurance) was created with this in mind, as well as to give you and your family some extra benefits.

With a Brillenversicherung you'll get:

  • One Year no fuss breakage protection for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses
  • 75% off any replacement or repairs
  • No claim bonus off next purchase in one year

Join us today at just 10 €

There is only one price for your glasses insurance. You only pay 10 € once upon receiving your finished glasses. And that's all! It's that easy.

No questions, no fuss, no problems

If your glasses are damaged, we just want you to get them repaired or replaced without any hassle. All you need to do is take your glasses to our store, it doesn't even have to be the same store you purchased them from.

If you need replacement glasses you will make a saving of 75% off the original cost! It's the same for any repairs, you save 75% off the cost.

And if you don't make a claim during the current year, you'll receive the cost of your insurance off your next pair of glasses (valid for 6 months after your insurance expires).

Terms and conditions

  • The Brillenversicherung covers prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses purchased from Optic Actuell Klostermann for one year from date of purchase, glasses purchased on the same day are covered by one insurance.
  • Brillenversicherung covers breakage and damaged glasses owned by the named insurance holder or the individual you purchase the glasses for, it does not cover lost glasses. For stolen glasses you must bring a charge against the thief or person unknown at the police.
  • To claim a new pair of glasses you must bring your damaged pair to store.
  • Reward redemption is against one pair of glasses only and is valid in conjunction with other offers, discounts and promotions.
  • Any balance remaining after redemption of a Brillenversicherung no claims reward is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • No claims rewards are redeemable in any Optic Actuell Klostermann store up to 6 months after card expires.

The breakage cover Brillenversicherung is a service offered by Optic Actuell Klostermann .